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I always enjoy trying the latest makeup and beauty products and what's trending because every once in a while I'll come across an item or two that I can't believe my regimen has survived without. But then there are some products that despite the latest craze, I always find myself going back to. Products that are tried and true and will always give what needs to be given no matter what - oldies but goodies if you will.

I've narrowed the list down to just 5 of of my product faves and some of these may actually surprise you.

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MAC Mineralized Skin Finish (Gold Deposit)

I've tried a number of bronzers and highlighters that I also love but no matter what I always seem to find my way back to my mineralized skin finish. It goes with just about any other makeup I choose. Select image for more product details or to purchase..

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As a chocolate girl, sometimes the ash can be too visibly real and while I've tried a number of lotions, creams and body butters, there are some that do get the job done when it comes to moisturising and sealing moisture, however, I still find myself reaching for my vaseline. I especially like to use it during the winter months since that's when the dryness of my skin tends to act out the most. I find it especially beneficial on certain parts of my body after an evening shower, like my feet. After applying vaseline to my feet, I like to cover them with a cozy pair of socks and by morning they always feel amazing! Select image for more product details or to purchase..

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MAC Prep+Prime Fixed+ Setting Spray

Interestingly enough this is one that I've replaced when it comes to a finishing spray but I've found that it works wonders with setting my skin under makeup application, especially on warmer days or during situations when I know there may be lots of sweating. Select image for more product details or to purchase..

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NARS Velvet Matt Red Lippie

I could actually list a few good oldies in this category when it comes to a matte red lip but I'll go with one that's not always as popular. I just find this red lip to be absolutely stunning with just about anything I wear! I venture to say that no brown girl could go wrong with this lippie. Select image for more product details or to purchase..

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African Pride Olive Oil Leave-In Conditioner

As a low porosity, dense textured, coily curly natural, I always talk about the challenges I've had with finding the best products for my hair. And with there being a number of trendy products that have been well, meh~ for my hair, when it comes to both deep conditioning and a leave in, a tried and true product I've continued to use for years is African Pride Olive Miracle. Select image for more product details or to purchase.. Find out more about both my natural hair and makeup products I'm using.. ➡️

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