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Fall is such an exciting time of the year for fashion, yet as much as we are anticipating what fall fashion has to offer, summer is still here in a major way. So what do we wear during the summer to fall transition?

Well, if you’ve prepared the wardrobe for fall then you’ve already selected those summer faves that will stick around to serve as double duty, pulled last fall's wardrobe to purge what you won't need, and kept what will serve you, and you’re now off to a great start with transitioning your summer outfits.

Because it’s all about wardrobe maximization as we continue to wear many of our summer pieces, the summer to fall transition will just require a bit of tweaking to our current outfits. We will simply mix the practicality of our fav summer wardrobe pieces with a few fall pieces, and more importantly add a few of the fall elements, i.e. layering and adding texture, just to list a couple of those elements.

<img src=summer to fall 2022 denim outfits.jpg" alt = black top and denim bottom summer to fall 2022 outfits"/>

<img src=summer to fall 2022 outfits.jpg" alt = pink blazer and denim bottom summer to fall 2022 outfits"/>

With just a few wardrobe tweaks with each of your looks, you'll start to see a gradual seamless summer to fall wardrobe transition. The following are just 3 simple and easy tips to help with tweaking when transitioning outfits:

1. Swap out key summer outfit "go tos" with similar fall items. Ex. If denim shorts are one of your outfit go to items then maybe swap them out with a denim pant instead.

2. Add layers (blazers, jackets, vests, etc.)

3. Focus on and play up accessories and accent pieces i.e. blazers & jackets, purses, belts, hats, shoes/boots. Incorporate fall colors, textures and patterns into the accessories and accents.

***As always it's fashion so have fun!!!

I just find this time of the year to be the best of both worlds when it comes to fashion. We get to continue wearing lots of the summer pieces we’ve come to love, while also incorporating many of our fav fall pieces from last fall, and we'll be adding the yummy new fall finds as well!


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