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fall 2022 runway trends, 2022 fall designer outfit trends,  < img src="fall 2022 trendy designer outfits.jpg" alt="fall fashion outfit trends" /> fall-2022-fashion-trends

Designer runways are one of the many resources great for gathering outfit inspiration from season to season but especially for fall fashion. If you're a fashionista then you already know how fall fashion is like the main event for brands and designers or anyone in the fashion industry.

So the runways have spoken, I've heard them, and I’m just gonna get right to it and list out the trends I’m interested in trying this fall – suiting (to include full pant, short and skirt suits), athleisure wear paired with suiting (hang on, if you’re confused by this one), mini and maxi skirts and dresses, knee high and over the knee boots, just to list a few. The list is still growing by the way.

As I always say, I enjoy dabbling in trends but I don't stay there, and I think it’s because when I try a trend it usually falls in line with my style or at least that’s the idea.

Must say, one of the things I am particularly loving is how brands are increasingly incorporating androgynous looks, especially as someone who continues to find myself shopping the men’s department in search of more options and variety. I can appreciate that we’ve come to a place where there are no rules when it comes to fashion of choice.

So many brands have caught my attention this season but Gucci, Chloe, Versace, and Prada are ones that have me stoked about looks I’d like use as inspiration.

Gucci surprised me! I’ve not been moved by many brand collabs that have taken place but I’ve found myself intrigued by Gucci’s collab with Adidas. As a girl who has never found myself in the space of embracing fashionable athleisure wear, for whatever reason this collab has had me at hello!

Chloe had me all in with their leather collection, incorporating leather pieces of all kinds to include dresses, skirts, pants, jackets, coats, boots and more. I'm now excited to explore leather all over again!

For a wow factor that’s stylish and extremely sexy without stepping into sleezy territory, Versace always comes through! Whether you’re in search of a stylishly sexy boss look or a look that’s fun and flirty, their fall-winter collection gives.

I am usually always here for Prada, so of course it would come as no surprise that I am loving a few of their pieces, pieces that could be interpreted as basic, yet they end up being key when it comes to creating major looks, or at least it’s how I see it.

Here’s the thing, if you’re able to pull these looks straight from brands and the designer runways then congratulations, go for it, you are goals for sure! But I would imagine that like most of us you’ll find just as much pleasure from achieving many of these looks for less. Standby for future posts where I share how I do this.


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