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   Charlotte, NC


There are a number of variables that play into #streetstyle. Things like lifestyle, individual style and where you live, to list a few.

Where you live and the distinction of your own individual style may be the ultimate determinants for what your street style is. As an example, after having lived close to NYC, DC and Miami, and frequenting each of these locations, I can attest that there are extreme differences in what the street style existing in each of those spaces are. Not to dive too deeply into location variances when it comes to street style but I’d like to briefly touch on my observations.

There’s no secret that NYC is notably the fashion district of the US, featuring hometown designers as well as designers from all over the world. Not to mention it’s the home of fashion week! Hence what you’ll find there with regards to street style are some of the most creative and innovative style senses that exist. It is also important to note that because it has such a large population, most of the travel that exist, exist by way of public transport or walking. Therefore, comfort in addition to the dynamics of style choices are key.

@Karenbritchick who happens to be one of my fav fashion and style YouTubers, does a brilliant series where she captures what New Yorkers are currently wearing as she stops them on the streets to ask. The people she chooses to interview tend to wear a bit of everything. From those who approach style from a sustainable point of view, to those who are minimalists, to those who are artsy and eclectic, to those who are covered in head to toe designer brands, to those who mix both high and low fashion, almost every possible category of fashion and style is displayed in some way among those she stops - it's really fascinating!

Then there is DC, which happens to be the business district, so the type of street style you’ll find there will typically air more on the side of business casual, business chic, and even more of a minimal chic, especially during the day. I found that in the evenings is when you’d find styles that may be a bit more specific to more versatile and creative individual styles. Nonetheless, the extremities of tasteful style certainly exist.

Many of those who work and play in DC reside in the outer skirts and surrounding states. Like NYC, DC is also largely populated despite being smaller in size, which means that public transport, carpooling, and or walking exist primarily, making the incorporation of comfortable style almost essential.

In Miami where the climate is primarily warm all year around, most are wearing little to nothing and understandably so, but the vibe typically incorporates lots of cropped looks, cutouts, and airy fabrics. Beaches and water mass exists everywhere so the mixture of swimwear incorporated into a look is often a thing when it comes to a lot of the street style you'll see.

In Charlotte, NC where I now reside, the climate is also primarily warm as the cooler seasons are pretty short and the street style I’ve noted greatly varies. There are of course a number of those who are natives however, there are also a number of us who have migrated from all over which makes for a hodgepodge when it comes to the little street style that I've noticed. It is also important to note that because most travel by vehicle, there isn’t a whole host of city life that makes for street style, at least not according to what I've come to know. However, this does not mean that interesting and dynamic style doesn't exist.

There are tons of venues that exist for artistic culture, festivals, day parties, fine dining, and a host of events which is where the style fashionistas tend to show out. This would be where I've found my lane. Although I'm not afforded the street style that I'd become accustomed to, I am still afforded the opportunity to display my varied style that typically depends on what event I'm attending or if nothing else just because when considering I'm the person who never needs an actual reason to do the most.

So what exactly is street style? Well - I say it depends on who you are, where you are, and what your own individual lifestyle is but what say you?


SATURDAY, SEPT. 16, 2023



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