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Whether you are a boot and shoe lover like me or not, you’ll appreciate this list of what to include in your wardrobe this fall – I know I’m gonna. You may even be surprised to find that you already have some of these in your closet, which I’m pretty sure you’ll appreciate just as much.

Just to ensure that I don’t get too carried away, because I very easily could, I’ll try to limit this list to a select few that will take your wardrobe anywhere you need it to go.

These will be in no particular order yet you’ll find both trendy and classic options sure to style up any look. These include splurge and budget friendly options. Let’s get right into it, shall we??!!

Platform Shoe

Ok so these are definitely not for the faint at heart and possibly one of the boldest shoe statements you can make this season, but whether you decide to love them or leave them, you’d have to admit that this shoe trend will certainly make any outfit that much more interesting.

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The classic mule is not only a great fall shoe but it’s a great transitional shoe from winter to spring/summer and summer to fall. These are not only stylish but also practical since many of us aren’t running to get our toes done as often and may be looking to gradually transition into a bit more coverage for warmth, without totally committing to a bootie or boot just yet.

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As much as loafers tend to be considered more of an in-office shoe, there's so much variety and so many options for styling them, that they're not just the in-off shoe any more. Of course there’s the classic flat loafer but theres also the chunky heel, the platform, the wedge – and a variety of color ways.

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Western Boot

These boots have always had me at hello, so the idea of them trending this fall is a no brainer for me. Yet while these are currently trending, for many like myself, these are a wardrobe staple that will never date.

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Cowboy Boot

Although in the same family as the western boot, these are certainly in a league of their own and also another current trend that I’ve always claimed as a wardrobe staple. With the variety offered this season, now would be a great time to dip your toe into this trend or if you already own a pair as a wardrobe staple, what a great time for a refresh or a few additions. Regardless of the category you fall in, your wardrobe will love you for these this fall!

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Knee High Boot

This one is one of my absolute faves for every fall/winter season but it just so happens to also be trending this season. Like me, you many be happy to know you already own a pair or two or more - - I won’t judge if you don’t lol! Anywho, if you already have them then time to dust them off but if you don’t and wondering which ones to purchase, I’ve got you covered.

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Combat Boot

Here’s another that you may already have in the wardrobe and if not these may be the boots you never knew you needed. They will surprise you by styling up just about any look you can think of – trust me you need a pair of these!


The chelsea bootie tends to be my fav with such a number of options to choose from but honestly who could go wrong with a bootie of any kind? It's probably one of the safest, often practical, yet stylish, boots one could always have in their wardrobe. Wouldn't you agree?

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For more of my ideas on what to consider purchasing this fall, see video below!!!


SATURDAY, SEPT. 16, 2023



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