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While we are still enjoying the last few weeks of summer, fall is on the horizon, so now would be an opportune time to prepare by gathering key fall wardrobe items.

Great thing about the beginning of fall or the fall transition is there will be a few of our summer wardrobe items that will carry over seamlessly. At least for me, there are items I've purchased and worn during summer with the intention that they will be worn all year long, to include fall.

So what should we begin gathering in preparation? Well, unless you are looking to make an extreme style change this fall, I would suggest first scanning your current summer wardrobe and then the previous fall wardrobe.

When scanning over the summer wardrobe we are looking to select transitional pieces we can use with our fall pieces. As an example, some of the items I will include are: a few tank tops, bermuda shorts, skirts, button downs, cardigans, blazers, etc. Anything you already know you can integrate and are excited to integrate into the fall wardrobe.

Contrarily, if you didn’t have the opportunity to purge pieces that you never wore last fall and you already know you have no interests in wearing them this fall, now would be a great time to decide what those items are. This will not only free up closet space but will make putting fall looks together much easier.

As a fashionista, fall is one of the most exciting times of the year for me to shop – it’s like my fashion superbowl! And because of how exciting fall fashion can be, like me, you've probably already started coveting those new pieces you'd like to add to the wardrobe. I get it - and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that but the goal should be to make the most use out of what we currently have before deciding what we may want to add.


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