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One of the things I just love about entering into a new year is being afforded the opportunity to reset. In addition to applying this notion to new goals, aspirations, and how we show up, what a great time to also discover or reinvent our style.

So much, if not all, of who we are is conveyed by our style. Now of course the interpretation of style can mean a number of things to different people, however, the bottom line should be what you want your own individual style to say about you.

From posh and polished to laxed and laid back, the dimensions of style can be endless-- yet the greatest thing about it is no one can do your style better than you.

At the core of an individual style that's unique to you should be a comfort and confidence that's unmatched, simply because it's true to who you are. It would be this type of style that can be infectious and oftentimes influential. However, even when influenced it can't be duplicated.

Not to be confused with fashion because different types of fashion as we know it can be consumed by anyone -- but style, style is all about individuality. It can't be bought. Whether it can be learned or not may be subjective.

There are a number of style categories but even when deciding which category may resonate with you the most, the elements of your person, personality, and lifestyle will always make your style unique to you.

Now is as great a time as any to journey to the road of discovering and owning your own style. We are all ever evolving so even if you find that your current style differs from what you'd like it to be, it's never too late to make changes. Contrarily, if you find contentment in your current style, fantastic, but even the best style can be enhanced and made better.

A few tips for owning your style:

-Consider more than just attire, character and personality are primary style components.

-Be intentional about what your style choices say about who you really are or would like to be.

-Be true to who you are as this makes owning your style effortless.


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