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2023 winter wardrobe fashion refresh, how ton + 2023 black fashion blogger on how to refresh winter 2023 wardrobe,  < img src="winter 2023 fashion.jpg" alt="winter to spring 2023 fashion solutions" /> winter+spring-2023-fashion-solutions

We have all likely reached that point in our winter wardrobe journey where we have worn our key go to pieces to nauseam. The struggle to keep the looks fresh and interesting is now more than real. We've gotten to the point where we are anxiously anticipating spring yet we know we still have a bit of winter left to go. Don't give up, keep reading.

So I know we are already in the process of preparing the wardrobe for spring but in the midst of that preparation there are a few things we can do to keep it interesting right now. A bit of a wardrobe refresh if you will.

In addition to tackling the project of preparing the wardrobe for spring, we could also begin to really hone in on our key go to pieces to revisit our current style aesthetic. You may be surprised to find that it's changed and or evolved a bit.

As an example, if you are the girl who at one time solely focused on a primarily neutral wardrobe, yet now you're noticing that your key go to pieces consist of a more inclusive color palette, this will be something to consider when both refreshing the wardrobe and transitioning it into spring.

 black fashion blogger on how to refresh winter 2023 wardrobe,  < img src="winter 2023 fashion.jpg" alt="winter to spring 2023 fashion solutions"/> winter+spring-2023-fashion-solutions

When attempting the refresh, compile and compare your current go tos against any similar winter wardrobe items that you have not been reaching for. Do this to either swap current go tos with the items you weren't reaching for, and maybe even forgot about. These should be pieces that could potentially serve the same purpose as your current go tos. This should offer an instant refresh to your looks.

This would also be an opportune time to reflect on the items you haven't reached for to determine why. Could be they've dated, no longer fit, or they're just no longer enticing. If for whatever reason you determine that they are just no longer serving you, then you should perhaps go ahead and add those items to your purge pile. Notice how we are also serving double duty here?

As another refresh option, investing in dry cleaning can work wonders. While I believe there are pieces that serve well with just a quick wash, there are others that can greatly benefit from dry cleaning. As much as I am quick to throw just about any and everything into the wash, I'll be the first to admit that a professional dry cleaning can have certain articles of clothing looking like new.

Now if you are thinking to yourself, "I've already done all these things yet I am still over my current winter wardrobe," then as a last resort it may be time to go ahead and strategically shop a few items to breathe new life into your looks.

When purchasing new items remember to consider what you have been reaching for regularly rather than what you've previously deemed your style to be. Do this because it's either time to revamp the wardrobe aesthetic that you've been embracing or step outside the comfort box and begin to consider a totally different style aesthetic. The ultimate goal is a wardrobe refresh so we wanna make sure we are exhausting all options to make our wardrobe interesting and exciting again.

As a reminder, because spring is just around the corner, however we decide to do our wardrobe refresh should also be in consideration of the winter to spring transition.


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