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<img src="spring summer fashion trend outfit.jpg" alt="black summer dress and green prada purse" />  how to wear 2022 fashion trends, tips on how to wear fashion trends, image: bucket hat, black dress, black gladiator sandals, green Prada bag

If you know me or have been following me for a while then you've heard me say how I will always try a few trends here and there but I don't stay there.

I only say that because when it comes to fashion I prefer to wear clothing that will be around. Classic timeless pieces that when paired properly can be fashion forward regardless of the era they may be worn in.

Although that's my approach to fashion, here's the thing, I find absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying trends from time to time but I just think there are a few things we should all consider before indulging.

  1. All trends are not created equal/Every trend is not for everybody. It's ok to sit out on a trend that you love but just doesn't work for you. Know that there are so many other trends out there to try!

  2. We should all remember that fashion is cyclical. Trends come and go and what goes around will typically come back around. So if you try a trend that you absolutely love and then find yourself wearing it long after it's trending, and it still works in your wardrobe without looking dated, chances are this may be one to keep in the wardrobe for years to come. Some trends can actually be converted into wardrobe staples. It's all about your own individual style which is something you dictate, trend or not.

  3. Trends aren't always meant to be taken literally (it's ok to be inspired by a trend but know how to make it your own). This way you wear the trend and the trend doesn't wear you!

  4. Careful consideration should be made when purchasing pricey trends that you are unsure about wearing for years to come. Unless you're rich and can afford to not care, you should look to make an investment when spending top dollar on an article of clothing or accessory. So as with anything it's important to maximize your investment and get the most out of it. Clothing should be no exception.

  5. Incorporate trends in small doses, hence it's not necessary to be covered in a number of different trends from head to toe. There are so many other ways to demonstrate that you are fashion forward.

  6. When choosing a trend, as with any fashion or style choice, commit to it and own it!!!

See some of the trends I'm currently loving in latest video!


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