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There was a time when no matter how full my closet was, I often still found myself being over every single thing in my wardrobe. I always felt I had nothing to wear, and I continuously had the urge to buy new things.

Not only was this unsustainable but of course it wasn't cost effective and the buyers remorse and guilt was real. If you’re still reading then you can relate or have a friend who may be struggling with this as well. Good news is I think I may be able to help, keep reading.

The following is a list of effective action items that have helped me keep my wardrobe interesting and I think you will find these helpful as well:

1. Only purchase items that can be worn several different ways

This has become one of my top fashion rules. Whenever I purchase anything, I have to imagine at least 3 ways that it will work in my wardrobe.

2. Thrift and donate

Thrifting is an affordable and sustainable way of maintaining a rotating closet of interest. This allows for continuous yet responsible ways of trying new things while also purging the items not being used. The idea is for every new item in, something old goes out. So even if you aren't a thrifter, donating before you make new purchases may be a great rule of thumb.

3. Have closet swaps with friends and other fashionistas

It's always surprising to me how almost everyone I know, who is even slightly into fashion, will have gems in the closet that they are just not wearing or ever reaching for. We're all guilty of this if we're being honest. So my thought is why not plan a closet swapping event. Of course this only makes most sense when the items swapped are around the same value.

4. Seek out influencers who provide endless amounts of outfit inspo

There are so many awesome fashion influencers out there. Key is finding ones that match your style interests and more of your body type. A lot of times getting a bit of outfit inspo is all we need and the only thing missing to gain ideas for how to repurpose pieces we already have in the wardrobe and keep it all interesting.


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