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Did you know that your style is a direct reflection of who you are? Think about it, more than what we say or do, many of the first impressions from others will come from how we interface and how we present.

Most of us will fall into one of the myriad of style categories: Sophisticated, Edgy, Classic, Preppy, Minimalist, Elegant, Maximalist and the list goes on. However, these identifiers are just one piece of the puzzle when developing personal style.

Hair, makeup, accessories and fragrances are just some of the many additions that compliment personal style but our fashion choices end up being one of the main determinants.

Not to solely conflate style with fashion as we typically do, our style relative to our fashion choices can determine our next job or career, our next relationship, and even the company we keep. Yet more than fashion, our style speaks volumes to how we identify, who we are, and even who we may want to become.

While many may shy away from the admission of perceptions that may come from what we initially see, truth is most of us will quickly formulate an opinion of someone, be it positive or negative, by what is first seen. So just how important should focus on our style be? Keep reading.

The fashion we choose just so happens to be one of the many determining factors that make up our style. Webster defines style as: A distinctive quality form, or type of something. Webster defines fashion as: The prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time. My summation of fashion vs style is: fashion is what we consume and put on our bodies but style is how we wear the fashions.

Truth is fashion is fickle. Every day by the minute there is a new item or product for us to consume. Trends are concurrently in and out. If we are not clear about what our style is, we could very easily find ourselves over-consuming in a way that does not serve us!

Over-consuming however, isn’t always the immediate issue. More than over-consumption should be the question of why we over-consume? Even more importantly, how come after purchasing all the stuff many of us are still left with discontent? And then, there is the aftermath of overconsumption -- ending up broke, frustrated, dis-satisfied, and more unsure of oneself than ever.

Unfortunately the fashion industry will likely never change. As long as there are consumers, there will always be the creation of fashion products to consume. So what is the resolve if the goal is some sort of balance?

If you are wondering what aside from therapy can be done to stay above the fray and avoid senseless consuming along with so many other unhealthy ways of living, there is good news, I know I can help! Keep on reading.

With individual style, more than knowing how to lean into an ideal fashion sense is the unveiling of an overall healthier lifestyle. One that will help with the avoidance of over-consuming and other non-beneficial life choices.

As an image consultant one of my primary goals is assisting women with discovering the best versions of themselves by gaining clarity on their personal style. While the needs of every client is different, as part of my response to their initial assessment, there are 5 tips I use as a foundational guide to successfully help them on their individual journey.

Get excited! Below is the same 5 tips you can begin RIGHT NOW to help with the development of your own personal style journey.

Tip 1: Determine What Your Style Goals Are

Just like life goals, style goals are just as important. Make sure you know and understand your why. The following are just a few questions to consider when determining your style goals:

Are you trying to land a new career? Are you undergoing a lifestyle change I.e. new baby, weight gain, or weight loss? Are you dating and/or looking for a relationship? Are you entering into a new relationship? Are you coming out of a relationship?

These questions can help with determining the direction of what some of your style goals may be.

Tip 2: Pay Attention to Your Lifestyle

Reflecting on your lifestyle will be a great start to help with discovering your style if you find that you are struggling to determine the direction of it.

Tip 3: Know Your Body Type

Part of having great style is knowing how to create looks complimentary to your shape and body dimensions.

Tip 4: Stay True to Who You Are

Be honest with yourself about what you are and are not comfortable with. One of the greatest parts of developing your style is being unapologetic about it. When you are honest about who you are, it is easier to perfect the best version of it.

Tip 5: Do The Work To Grow and Maintain Healthy Self Confidence

Because style is predominantly about attitude and personality, the way you feel about yourself will be projected in your style. Some of the greatest style projections begin with the most healthy self confidence.


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