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You may be surprised to learn that you could potentially already have what would be considered a summer capsule but let’s go through exactly what you may want to consider to ensure you do.

Lifestyle should be the largest determinant when compiling pieces. As an example, if you work remotely vs. in an office setting then your capsule should be reflective of that.

Because we're looking to curate a capsule for summer, fabrics are key. The goal should primarily be light and airy fabrics that don't promote or trap heat.

When I think of my summer capsule, I’m thinking of must have items that I’ve maintained in my wardrobe summer after summer. And these would be items that even when I think I have absolutely nothing to wear, I can rely on one or more of these specific pieces to create a look for any occasion.

What's more is a "classic" summer capsule is going to be one that will not date. So whether we go back or forth a decade or so, these items will still work in a fashionably safe way.

While I love including pops of color within my overall wardrobe, I’ve found it to be more beneficial to stay within the neutral family and then include color pops as add ons for the summer capsule. So you'll see that my capsule is primarily neutral with a tad bit of color to speak to my overall style.

Now before I get into what my capsule is, you may already know what I’m about to say but here it goes - while I am sharing my summer capsule as inspiration, your capsule should speak to you; your own individual style and lifestyle. So this list should only be your staring point to consider what you include in your summer capsule.

My Classic Summer Capsule:

1. Black, White and Beige Blazer

Note: All three color ways are not necessary but at least one neutral would be ideal

2. White Button Down Shirt, Denim Button Down Shirt, Light Pink Button Down Shirt, and a Pinstripe Button Down Shirt as one of my *color add ons

3. White Tee and Black Tee

4. White Fitted Cami and Black Fitted Cami

5. Off White Pants and Black Pants

Note: White, cream, or beige pants could also take the place of the tan pants and navy pants could take the place of the black pants

6. Off White Shorts, Black Shorts, and Denim Shorts

7. Black Mini Skirt

8. Black Midi Length Dress

9. Off White Knee Length Slip Dress

10. Black One Piece Bathing Suit

11. Woven Sun Hat

12. Sunnys

13. White On White Sneakers

14. Black Sneakers

15. Black Heeled Sandals

Note: Ideally, at least one additional neutral color way could either be added or used instead

16. White Flats

Note: Ideally, at least one additional neutral color way could either be added or used instead

17. "Goes With Everything" Tote

Note: This could be a woven, straw or statement neutral tote (one that pairs well with everything)

18. Evening purse

Note: A neutral colored clutch would be ideal

See video below for more on building a Classic Summer Capsule Wardrobe!


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