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This will be really simple guys – when it comes to summer makeup, it really is all about skin. Because of how makeup responds to extreme heat, it really doesn’t matter how great the products you’re using may be, less really is more.

So we should want to first focus on the overall health of our skin so we can be comfortable with wearing barely there makeup any time of the year but especially during summer or in climates where there is extreme heat.

As someone who typically prefers more of a polished makeup look at all times, the idea of less is more was not always easy for me. The challenges with my skin would mainly consist of oiliness, visibly large pores, and a few small areas of hyperpigmentation. Because of this, the mental challenge of keeping makeup at a minimum was and still is very real. But it is possible so keep reading sis, I’ve got you.

Being informed is the key to helping us make better choices. Just as I’ve been able to work through the challenges with my skin, I know from first hand experience with the tips I share with you, you will too.

Now there may be slight variations with how you go about these tips depending on your skin type (normal, oily, dry, combination), but I think you’ll be able to get the gist of it to enter into a journey of healthy skin. This way you too can experience all the benefits of wearing barely there makeup.

Disclaimer: I am not a dermatologist, esthetician, or skin doctor. I am only sharing tips that have aided in the best results during my skin journey. So should you have severe skin issues such as extreme acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, keloids, etc., please consult a physician

My Skincare Tips

1. Cleanse and hydrate skin at least 2 times daily. My cleanse routine on most days usually goes something like this: Morning (light cleanse, moisturiser, sunscreen, light makeup) Sometimes Mid-day (light cleanse, moisturiser, sunscreen, maybe more light makeup), Evening (deep cleanse/exfoliate, toner application, moisturiser and/or a skin serum)

2. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate – how often you should do this will depend on your skin type and the products you use but as a person who has oily/combination skin, I’ve found exfoliation on a regular basis to be extremely helpful. Our skin goes through a monthly cycle that includes the shedding of dead skin, which if not exfoliated to remove the dead skin cells, is suffocated with build up that can cause break outs, aide in pigmentation, and skin that’s not at its best overall. I typically exfoliate at least 2-3 times a week or more as necessary.

3. Apply sunscreen daily – This is another big one. As a chocolate girl I at one time went years without using sunscreen regularly with the thought that it was only for either fair skin or caucasians, A HUGE MISCONCEPTION. It was the not wearing sunscreen regularly that contributed to my skin’s discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

4. Moisturize – There are things that I may skimp on in life when it comes to a cheaper buy but moisturiser isn’t one of them. I've found that the more I invest in a good moisturiser, the better off my skin was/is overall and over time. Now this does not mean that there aren’t great moisturisers for less, because there are, but this is one of the areas where I’ve found the benefits of the splurge to be almost always immediate.

5. Curate a skin friendly diet – I can’t stress enough that we are what we eat! What we put into our body will almost immediately be reflective on the outside, especially when it comes to our skin. While this is an area that I continue to find challenging, especially as a person who enjoys indulging in different types of foods from time to time, especially sweets, it’s very important. A diet consisting of leafy vegetables, low or no saturated fats, and little to no sugar will make for almost immediate healthy skin results.

6. Drink lots and lots of water – This is another big one! Water gets all of the healthy stuff flowing through the entire body and our skin absolutely loves it. Whether it’s via water intake by drinking it, topically i.e. water splashes on the skin, or both, water makes for the best skin hydration, especially in the summer. I believe it's one of the secrets behind so many skin benefits, including skin that has a natural healthy glow.

7. Wash/change pillow cases at least 2 times a week – Of course hygiene is an overall must in life period and I do understand that what that may look like for different people varies; however, as I started to drill down into my overall lifestyle to discover my best self (mind, body, soul – to include skin, hair, nails and all the things), lifestyle changes that included an increase in routines like how often I change my bed linens, specifically my pillow cases, made a huge difference.

I already strive to use skin friendly fabrics (silks, satins, high quality cottons) to best support my hair journey but how often they’re washed/changed matters just as much. It doesn’t take much for bacteria to fester in fabrics and for skin bacteria is one of, if not the biggest, enemy. So it is imperative to ensure that the fabrics we are laying our skin on is clean at all times.

8. Wash makeup tools 2-3 times a week or as necessary – Makeup brushes, beauty blenders and/or any other gadgets or things used to aid in daily cleansing or makeup application should be washed and replaced regularly. How often they're used should determine how often they're cleaned.

9. Keep hands and hair out of your face – While I’m pretty good at keeping my hands out of my face, keeping my hair out of my face tends to be a bit challenging for me because of how I usually wear my hair but in the evenings or when just casually hanging out around the house, I will typically pull my hair back or up into a pineapple to get it off of my face.

10.Relieve and/or Minimize Stress - And I realize this will be a challenging one as it certainly can be for me but in addition to so many other health ailments, stress can be a huge factor when it comes to breakouts, wrinkles and just over all bad skin. So we want to do everything we can to minimize or totally avoid stress.

So once we get into the cycle of a healthy skin routine you’ll find that wearing barely there makeup isn’t nearly as challenging. You will also reap the benefit of not having to use as many makeup products for coverage.

Now if I’m being 100, I will still do a full beat from time to time, depending on where I’m going and the look I’m going for, even in the summer. However, more often than not, I’m enjoying the benefits of wearing

makeup that’s barely there.

For some of the products I'm currently using for barely there makeup and overall skin health, see latest video below which includes products you should try!!!


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