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We have all been tucked away hibernating amid covid but we are finally nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. If you haven't already, now would be a great time to ensure your #travel checklist is updated and ready for use.

Post 911 travel guidelines were already stringent but now we can expect an even more stringent process which means planning & preparation are key.

Should you be wondering where to even start, I've prepared a mini travel checklist to include #covidtravel planning to help with preparation leading up to travel destination plans as well as right before travel departure.

1) If traveling out of the country make sure you are passport ready. Whether applying for the first time, renewing or updating the passport, the sooner you start the process the better. Passport application includes the necessity of expense and time preparation which can take up to 3 months when considering the overall process of booking an appointment and then the turn around time for receiving the passport after mailing the application. While the turnaround time can be expedited at an additional expense, if traveling on a budget time and preparation are key.

2) Check travel restrictions for where you live or are departing from as well as for where you are going. There are a number of restrictions due to covid that continue to change daily so the sooner you know what those are the better to plan accordingly.

3) Pack pandemic essentials. Although covid vaccines are now available and many have taken it, it is still better safe than sorry, especially if you have not, so packing essentials such as sanitizer, wipes, and extra masks are at the very least essentials to consider when preparing to travel.

4) Depending on length of travel, consider limiting food and drink intake prior to boarding to avoid having to use restroom on plane or in airport. I say the least amount of contact with anything the better.

So much is changing on a moment to moment basis when considering travel in the midst of the pandemic but these few tips should at the very least help with health and safety precautions when traveling both during the pandemic but also when considering best sanitary practices overall.


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