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Is fashion and beauty not a form of expression? Should fashion and beauty not be reflective of who and what we are based on our own individual choices?

There aren’t many things in life that I allow to grind my gears but the unsolicited notion that a particular age should dictate what one should wear, look like, and be doing certainly applies!

Notice I was sure to cite the “unsolicited notion." Well that’s because I understand that there are some who do rely on some sort of an age guide to help with their fashion and beauty choices.

But I’m not referring to those who provide resources and advice to women who directly seek it. I’m referring to what I’d call the judging self righteous who want to place people in a box and use their opinions on fashion and beauty as a guise to age, body shame, or outright hate on women.

What's even more upsetting to me is more often than not, most of the judgement and hate will come from other women.

You’ve seen some of the captions, “What Women Over X Age Should Be Wearing”, “What Women At X Age Should Not Be Wearing”, “What Women At Age X Should Be Doing,” and the list goes on..

I believe that all women, at any age, should be unapologetic about doing whatever works best for them. As long as it doesn’t break laws or wreak havoc on others, I say go for it! If you feel and look your best, do it, because that's what matters!

This goes for any aspect of fashion and beauty to include preferred brands, price points, etc. As women, most of us work way too hard and juggle far too many hats to have anyone dictating to us what we should and shouldn’t do with our money, our bodies, or our fashion and beauty choices.

Although I am primarily referring to what should be freedom in fashion and beauty when it comes to age in this post, it shouldn't stop there.

Who am I to unsolicitedly scold you and tell you what’s too much or too little to spend with your money? Who am I to tell you what you should or shouldn’t put on your body? Who am I to tell you how to wear your hair, or what length or color your hair should be? Who am I to say whether or not you should wear makeup or how much makeup you should or shouldn't wear?

There is a difference between kindly offering suggestions, sharing personal choices for inspiration, or responding to an individual's inquiry for fashion and beauty direction vs. unwarranted condescendence, nit picking, or purposely trying to tear someone down just because their choices aren't yours or because you simply disagree.

This is why I always say it's extremely important to be comfortable with who you are - know yourself, your style, and what works for you and your lifestyle. Most of all tap into and strengthen your confidence! This way unless you are intentionally seeking direction or validation, you're able to stand firm on who you are and choices you make, no matter what.

I understand this post may be a bit of an interesting take coming from a fashion and beauty blogger; someone who is constantly giving “suggestive” fashion and beauty ideas and options. However, my fashion and beauty point of view is typically geared towards my “suggestions” for fashion and beauty based on what I may admire, what I’ve tried, and what works for me.

I always hope that those who choose to receive what I share and suggest are able take from it what may interest them and leave what doesn’t; using what I may share or suggest only as a guide for them to take what they feel will work for them and make it their own.

The idea of what’s appropriate or not for someone else is extremely “subjective,” in my opinion. And while some may argue that they find it “objective," well, I believe there is always an opposing argument for objections, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty.

Just like they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so is fashion. Anyone who lives in a true space of fashion and beauty knows that the most celebrated looks are those worn and or created by those of all ages, creeds and nationalities, typically unapologetically.

At the end of the day I’ve found the most innovative people who have pioneered the most ground breaking, phenomenal fashion and beauty movements, have been the most unapologetic about their choices. It would be this kind of forward thinking that I strive for.

As for me and my fashion and beauty choices, one should expect that I will continue to do me at any and every age that I am blessed with, up to and over 100!


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