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Ok so winter is almost here but with the increasingly cooler temperatures, it’s already feeling like it or at least where I am it is. Although we’re still having lots of fun with our fall wardrobe, we also wanna be cold weather ready but cute and stylish too.

So if you’re wondering how to transition your current fall wardrobe into one that’s stylishly winter ready, as always -- I’ve got you!

With these simple and easy additions, not only will your fall wardrobe get the revitalization boost it needs just in time for winter but you’ll stylishly make the transition!

Statement Coats

You’re probably thinking duh, of course a coat. But not just any coat. Since we’re focused on both warmth and style, a statement coat is key! With so many stylish statement coats this winter season, this will likely be the quickest and easiest thing to do for your fall to winter transition.

Whether it’s a long, oversized, almost dragging the ground coat, a quilted or dramatic puffer, or a textured coat that’s fur or shearling, there is a long list of statement coats that will automatically style up any outfit and provide the necessity of warmth to make you winter ready. The coat options this season are endless!

Chunky Sweaters

A comfy cozy sweater will always say I’m here for winter but because we’re making it stylish we’re wearing sweaters that are both bright and vibrant in color as well as ones that come with a bit more drama, like an oversized turtle neck or a statement collar that includes fur. So of course sweaters but elevate them to include that extra element of style.

Statement Hats

No longer is some version of a skull cap your only option when wearing a hat during winter - add the element of warmth with a hat but make it a fedora, bucket hat, or even a cap! Hats are a great way to say I know a thing or two about style in the midst of providing warmth when transitioning your fall to winter wardrobe.

Puffer Vests

For the not so cold fall or winter days when at least one additional layer is necessary, opt for a puffer vest. A puffer vest will still allow for a chunky sweater underneath for the cooler days but it will also allow for a not so heavy layer. This stylish addition provides just the right amount of warmth as oppose to a heavier coat or jacket.

Statement Tights and Leggings

Personally I have a love hate relationship with tights and stockings because of how itchy they can make me when having them on too long but I have to admit that this addition is a really simple and easy way to elevate a look. Make it a statement pair with a nice design and that's even better!

With mini skirts and bermuda length shorts being a thing, there’s no need to put them away because of the cooler temperatures winter brings. Simply add statement tights and leggings for an added layer of warmth and instant style.

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