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fall 2023 fashion denim,+jacket+boots+loafers+moto jacket+trendy classic fall 2023 fashion < img src="brown+women+leather+moto jacket+knee high+leather+boots+loafers+denim+classic+fall+fashion+clothing + fall fashion trends.jpg" alt="fall 2023 timeless & trendy fashion" /> fall-2023-fashion-must haves-shesmeander-she's me and her - euyna james

Looking to build a stylish fall capsule, in need of a wardrobe refresh, or interested in the latest trendy must haves?.. If yes to any of these, look no more, keep reading.

We can all very easily fall prey to those hot new trends that come around every year, thus making it a tad bit difficult to solely stick to a capsule if that's the goal. But here is where we give ourselves grace because there's absolutely nothing wrong with dipping a toe into the trends' pond from time to time - key is knowing when to dip the toe in.

Let's face it, even the savviest wardrobe can benefit from a slight refresh from time to time. Yet despite attempting to have your finger on the pulse of what's trending or having the distinct style of your capsule down packed, it can still sometimes be a bit of a challenge to choose just the right wardrobe additions.

Great news is whether you are in search of the latest trends, looking to build an entirely new stylish fall capsule wardrobe, or just in need of a bit of a wardrobe refresh, this fall season offers a number of options to choose from!

Even greater news -- below is your fall/winter shopping guide to many of the must-have fashion items this season. These are just a few of the fashionable items to consider for your wardrobe hit list. Happy shopping!

Cozy Knit Set

A cozy knit is not only versatile and stylish but it's like wearing a warm hug for the cooler fall and winter days.

Amazon+Green+Knit Set+ fashion < img src="2023 Amazon Green Knit Set

Asos+White+Sweater < img src="Asos+White+Cable Knit Sweater

Amazon+Brown+Knit Set < img src="Amazon+Brown+ Knit Set

Maxi Knit Dress

Just like a cozy knit set, a maxi knit dress offers both style and versatility when considering the layering options - but as a bonus it's like wearing a warm cozy hug.

Skims+Black+Maxi Knit Dress< img src="Skims+Black+Long Sleeve + Knit + Maxi Dress

Rumored+Gray+ Off The Shoulder+Maxi+Knit-Dress < img src="Rumored+Gray+Off the shoulder + Knit Sweater


Wide Leg Trousers

Every wardrobe and lifestyle can benefit from a nice pair of trousers. Not only are they a timeless wardrobe add but there are so many fashion forward options to choose from. A great time in fashion right now for the trouser if in need of a wardrobe refresh - especially for my capsule fashion girlies.

Banana Republic + Beige + Wide leg trousers< img src="Banana Republic+Beige+Wide Leg + Women Trousers

Express-White-Wide Leg-Trousers

Banana Republic-Black-Wide Leg-Trousers

Wide Leg Denim

Although cliche at this point, every wardrobe benefits from having a pair of go-to denim. With soo many options to choose from, everyone can find a pair specific to their style. Below are just a few worth the wardrobe add this season.

Reformation+Wide leg+Blue Denim< img src="Reformation+Blue+Wide Leg Denim

Saks+Wide-leg + Blue + Denim< img src="Saks+Wide Leg + Blue + Denim

Asos + Wide Leg + Blue + Denim< img src="Asos+Wide Leg +Sleeve + Blue + Denim

Leather Moto Jacket

If you don't already own a leather moto, you have been missing out. You can not go wrong with your style of choice, it's gonna be a stylish wardrobe add that lasts a lifetime -- get one now!

Karen Millen+Burgundy+Leather+Moto Jacket< img src="Karen Millen+Burgandy+Leather+Moto Jacket

Finest Leathers+Black+Leather+Moto Jacket < img src="Finest Leathers+Black+Leather+Moto Jacket

FinAsos+Black+Leather+Moto Jacket < img src="Asos+Black+Real+Leather+Moto Jacket

Asos+Black+Leather+Moto Jacket < img src="Asos+Black+Real+Leather+Moto Jacket

Wool Maxi Coat

The perfect wool maxi is a chic must have! Also a stylish timeless classic sure to elevate any look!

Saks Off 5th+ Kenneth Cole+Camel+Maxi Coat < img src="Saks+Kenneth Cole+Camel+Maxi+Coat

Banana Republic-Gray-Wool-Maxi-Coat

Karen Millen+Camel+Wool+Maxi+Coat < img src="Karen Millen+Camel+Maxi+Coat


Style and comfort? What more can a fashion girlie ask for? Find the right pair for you and your wardrobe is sure to continuously thank you!

Stuart Weizman+Soho+Flat+Black+Leather +Loafers  < img src="Stuart Weizman+Black+Leather+Chunky+Loafers

Amazon+Black+Leather+Loafers+Flat+Black+Leather +Loafers  < img src=Black+Leather+Chunky+Loafers

Revolve+Laurs+Sam Edelman+Black+Leather+Loafers+Flat+Black+Leather +Loafers  < img src=Revolve+Black+Leather+Chunky+Loafers

Knee High Boot

If looking for a way to add instant style to any skirt or dress, a knee high leather boot does the trick every time!

Banana Republic-Black-Leather-Knee High-Boots

Schutz-Black-Knee high-leather-boots

Banana Republic-Cognac-Brown-Leather-Knee High-Boots

For more on fall & winter fashion must-haves, some of the new and current wardrobe items I'm already keeping on repeat and how I style them, you have to see the video below!

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SATURDAY, SEPT. 16, 2023



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