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FALL 2021 TRENDS: To Trend Or Not To Trend..

I think I speak for most fashionistas when saying fall is by far the most exciting and fashionable season of the year. Just about any and every style you can think of, from the most vibrant to the most minimal, can all be achieved during this fabulous season.

Designers and brands tend to put their best foot forward, hence Fashion Week is one of the season’s main events. This is also an opportune time to perhaps discover and explore a few trends. But be advised, all trends are not for everyone! So if you are looking to explore trends, you should not feel compelled to try each and every trend you see. As with anything style related, it should be complimentary to your overall style aesthetic.

Like any fall season, I am always super excited to see what’s new! And this fall season does not disappoint. What’s even more exciting for me is with the exception of a few items here and there, many of the trends this season can be achieved with items already in the closet!

Can't stress enough the importance of making any trend you choose fit your own individual style. Just because it's trending, that does not mean it's automatically right for you.

These are just a few of my picks for trends I'll be dabbling in this fall and winter and some of these looks are serving double duty in the trends sector.


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