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fall 2022 fashion trends, fall 2022 designer runway inspired outfits < img src="fall 2022 gucci x adidas runway inspired suit trend.jpg" alt="summer to fall outfit" /> fall-2022-fashion-trends
Gucci x Adidas Fall 2022 Inspired Look!

All trends are not created equal! There will always be an intriguing trend to come along that will look stunning on someone else but then you quickly discover upon trying it for yourself that it does absolutely nothing for you. This happens to all of us, if we’re being honest.

However, I do believe that there is a way to amend or tweak a trend to make it your own. I believe just as with anything in fashion, we should all aim to use our own style sense to make it specific to us – our body type, lifestyle, and overall style.

When tweaking a trend, the idea is inspiration so the amended look does not have to be literal. This isn't to say that the look can't be to the exact but if interested in making it your own then it's all about either scanning your wardrobe for what you already have to recreate the look or considering your individual style when purchasing pieces for the look.

Now it may actually take some extreme honesty and self discovery to get to the core of what will or will not work when recreating or tweaking a trend, but once discovered I believe the world of fashion will be your oyster. You’ll know exactly what to buy and what to stay away from when it comes to fashion of any kind, to include trends.

So here are the key takeaways to consider when wanting to amend or tweak a trend:

1. Will the trend realistically suit my lifestyle?

(consider your career, where you work, and what your day to day lifestyle includes, especially if considering investment pieces to recreate a look - we want to actually wear our stuff so what good is spending money on items that we'll never get to wear)

2. Before making purchases, do I already have any of the pieces in my wardrobe to create the look?

(having key items to a trendy look already in your wardrobe, is a sure way of knowing that a trend may work for you, especially if you're already wearing some of the items)

3. Will this look suit my body type?

(using myself as an example, as much as I love looks that include over the knee, thigh high boots, as someone who gears more to the petite side, the boots just don't work for the shape and length of my legs)

For more on how to make fashion trends your own, see latest video!!!!


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