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<img src="spring 2023-fashion-trends-fashion blogger-shesmeandher -"jpg" alt=8-spring-fashion-trends-commanding-every-woman's-attention-jpg" alt=2023+spring+women+fashion+trends"  />

Spring is always such a whimsical season to look forward to, especially when considering its fashion. So many vibrant looks to try-- and the color ways are endless!

Despite keeping it fashionably cute during the rough winter months, the anticipation of spring seems to always lend itself to the dopamine refresh we all need. The trends to choose from this spring makes it that much more inviting.

Great news for the fashion girl lurking in us all-- a few (not all but a few) of the predicted spring trends, already surfacing, are items being housed right in our current wardrobes!

Before you begin hymning and hawing over the mental scan of your wardrobe, keep reading to find some of the trends I’m referring to.

Now bare in mind that there are quite a number of trends worth trying that are not on this list, so do not limit yourself to just this list. This is just a few of the trends currently at the top of my radar and in no particular order.


As a girl who is already obsessed with the idea of pockets on just about anything, I am bubbling over with excitement when thinking of this trend. How cool is the exaggerated pockets aesthetic?!

I was already enjoying the pocket embraced cargo over fall and winter so I am especially loving how various fashion houses have styled them over skirts and tops for the spring embrace as well. Very utilitarian chic!


Surprising for spring, I know, but begin gathering all of your favorite black pieces (tops, bottoms, and accessories) because black is a thing this spring.

This flattering trend will lend itself to any and everyone. I mean who doesn’t own a few sleek black pieces in their wardrobe?

I would likely still add a pop of color somewhere just to signal to myself that it is in fact spring, but that’s just me. You should style your black in a way that makes you feel your best. I’d venture to say that there shouldn’t be many fashion fopas with this trend, so go for it!


We have already been embracing this trend for a few seasons now, so for those of us who are not ready to be done with it - good news! We can now crop any and everything this spring and I am absolutely here for it!

Whether we are wearing a cropped blazer, a top cropped under a blazer, or standalone cropped top, we are still showing off a little bit of skin.

Such a great way to add a bit of dimension to blazer looks and add additional interest to a spring look overall.


I will admit that it took me a minute to embrace this trend but after seeing it styled in a wearable way aside from so many of the fabulous runway designs, count me in!

Actively on the lookout for pieces that will allow me to embrace this trend. Great thing is even a small embrace gets it done-- be it a sheer top draped over a cropped top, or bralet or a sheer bottom layered over shorts, a mini, or a waisted bikini style bottom. I'm diving in!


While I have always been on the lookout for anything maxi just because I’ve always embraced the maxi aesthetic, trend or not, I am super excited to find that we will now have more options to choose from.

This really is a trend that can fall flattering on just about anyone, especially for those who may not be particularly fond of showing their legs.

Designers and fashion houses are already incorporating a wide rage of maxis. Pretty freakin exciting! I know I plan to stock up just in case it doesn't end up being a trend that sticks around.


As a girly girl I have always embraced sparkle in my repertoire and it’s likely that you have too-- those New Year's sequin dresses and tops, helllooo! Pull those out and blend them into your spring looks because it’s now an exciting thing.

If not sequins then go with some sparkly glitter. I am including metallics in this category as well. All fun fabrics that we would typically only consider for special occasions can be included in our spring outfits.

If like me then you may be thinking it could end up being “team too much” for an actual wearable look but hold on because there are ways to make it wearable without it being too much.

Include small specs of the trend to pair back a more wearable everyday look-- like a sparkly sequin or metallic purse, and or shoes, or just include it as a top or bottom.

Definitely one of those fashion trends to embrace with fun!


Another feminine fun look for spring is the bubble hem. I had already stared to embrace this trend during the end of the last spring summer season. Even then I found it to be such a feminine girly look. So of course I am looking forward to trying additional looks that include the trend this spring.

Very flattering for the girl who seeks to add or take away volume in the butt, thigh and hip area since the bubble detail evokes a bit of intrigue.

Love this trend in either a dress or skirt and cannot wait to explore the options.


Yet another trend that we all have been embracing for seasons now and even before that it has been a wardrobe staple for everyone.

From distressed to patchwork to mixed matched denim looks, there is so much fun to be had with the array of denim to choose from this spring!

Should you decide to go with jeans, a shirt, a skirt, a jacket, or a full on denim look, you can do no wrong with your denim choices this spring. Options are endless!

See latest YouTube video below for more on my thoughts about Spring 2023 trends:


SATURDAY, SEPT. 16, 2023



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