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With summer less than a week away, and life as we knew it prior to covid making a comeback, I am in super plan mode. I am prepping for all of the things I’ll be getting into which also gets me super excited about what I’ll be wearing!

While there are a number of trends that I will certainly be incorporating into my wardrobe this summer, there are also #summerwardrobeessentials that will necessitate the basics of what I’ll be wearing. So in the midst of me formulating my clothing must haves to get summer ready, you already know that I’ve got you covered and will cue you in as well.

Although an essentials' list of any kind will vary and be different for different women, depending on individual lifestyle and overall style, there are also classic, basic, items that I believe almost every woman can benefit from having in her wardrobe this summer.

I’ve curated a list that I've grouped into categories to allow for options, however, I do believe that everyone should have at least one, if not two items, from each category. The items listed are just examples of the types of essentials you should consider incorporating but the takeaway should be having your own version of each.

I believe we will be equipped to go any and everywhere with this #summerwardrobe capsule, from work to the beach. Each of the items included in every category can be elevated or scaled back, depending on the purpose, event, or venue; yet again some variation of all included will make for a wholistic summer wardrobe.

(1) Dresses

Not only is a dress probably the most efficient clothing item, unlike a skirt or a pant where you have to also consider a top, but more specifically a white or black dress for summer can take you practically anywhere; from a brunch to a wedding to a night out. And throw on a blazer or cardigan with it and you're suddenly ready for work!

I've included a floral printed dress and a statement color maxi, just because these would likely be essential splurges should you be looking to diversify your summer dress essentials a bit more, but a white and black dress will be qunitessential.

Dress shapes should be flattering to your body type and I believe aline shaped dresses, similar to dresses I've listed below, tend to be flattering on just about any body type.

(2) Pants/Trousers

Just like the black and or white dress, a classic black and or white trouser will also take you just about anywhere when paired with the right top - be it a crop top, button down blouse, t-shirt, blazer or cardigan.

Classic straight leg denim is also added to this category as an essential to dress up or down for an even more casual lax look.

(3) Shorts

Just like trousers, when paired with the right top, the right shorts can be worn just about anywhere, especially on warmer summer days.

(4) Tops

A white button down top or a white tshirt will pair well with practically anything. White because in addition to it pairing well with with just about anything, typically the most airy fabrics are white or neutral in color. While other color selections should not be canceled out, when considering the bare bones of summer essentials, neutrals will always reign supreme.

(5) Jackets & Blazers

When thinking of summer, jackets and blazers will rarely come to mind, but depending on where you live, there may be cooler evenings or cooler days even, and the necessity of an added layer is key. Aside from the component of an added layer on a cool spring or summer day, a stylish blazer for any season will almost always elevate a look. However, what a white blazer does for a summer outfit makes it an absolute necessity.

While a white blazer is almost always great for outfit elevation, contrarily a denim jacket is a great way to tone down or bring about a more casual look to an outfit. The need to dress down a look can be just as necessary as elevating a look, which is why I deem a denim jacket as an essential for summer as well.

But wait, don't sleep on a vibrant colored blazer for spring/summer either. While a vibrant colored blazer is definitely a more trendy option when compared to the white blazer, because of how it can instantly style up a look, I'm making the executive decision to add it as an essential for summer 2021!

Lastly but not least in this category, the versatility of a cardigan when considering how it can be a great layering piece as well as a standalone top of its own makes for a great summer essential.

(6) Classic sneaker

Summer is the most opportune time to venture into all types of activities and events and tennis shoes will likely always be at the height of an essential for any wardrobe and any season when considering comfort and practicality. However, in addition to the practicality and comfort provided by a tennis shoe/sneaker, they can also be a stylish way to scale back a look. With so many styles offered, a tennis shoe can make just as much of a statement if not more than a stylish shoe or boot. Nonetheless, a classic sneaker is certainly a summer wardrobe essential and it's been my experience that the classics below will go with just about any and everything.

(7) Shoes & Sandals

As much as I enjoy a wide variety of shoes, to include sandals and boots, in different colors and patterns all year around, there is a select group I'd narrow my selection down to for a summer essential wardrobe. My selection and color choices are sure to go with everything included in a summer wardrobe and can be worn just about anywhere.

(8) Purses

A tote, crossbody, and satchel are the 3 primary purse types needed for a summer essential.

A tote will not only be great for travel, which we will all likely be doing lots of during summer but it's also great for the beach, work, or an overall lifestyle that requires quick changes requiring space that allows for a few pieces to carry around.

Crossbody bags are for events or activities that will typically require that you are hands free; like festivals, street or metro travel, shopping and clubbing.

Satchels tend to be more of a statement bag for brunch, lunch, dinner and maybe even work.

I've listed a few style ideas that I'd deem summer essential worthy. As with each of the essentials' categories, neutral tones will always be ideal.

(9) Beach Wear

When considering all the pool parties and beach visits during the summer, whether you prefer a one piece or two piece, it is essential to have a bathing suit on standby. I am listing wraps in this category as well, however, they are not as essential as the need for an actual bathing suit.

(10) Accessories

From sunglasses to sun hats to caps and scarfs, summer accessories are just as essential if not more than the attire or outfits they're worn with, especially for summer. Not only is each of the accessories listed a stylish addition to any look, these are all practical when considering the summer elements, making them essential to the summer wardrobe.


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