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   Charlotte, NC

Explore My Style!
fall/winter         spring/summer


Hmm.. so how do I describe my style?? In a word I'd say ECLECTIC! Only because I find that I like to incorporate it all in some way. By "all" I mean a bit of everything. As I always say, I don't discriminate when it comes to fashion!  

At the core of me is a very feminine style but I'm always open to diversifying and exploring. I enjoy bold, vibrant colors and all types of patterns and textures. However, I also go through phases where I like a more minimal style that can be a bit simplistic and understated. And when it comes to fit, while I enjoy showing my curves, I also enjoy a loose oversized aesthetic as well.

As for trends, I'd be the first to admit that I like to dabble a bit but I don't stay there. I enjoy looks that are both trendy and timeless.

If in need of a bit of outfit inspiration or if interested in visibly experiencing my style, explore lookbooks for some of my looks!

Fall is the epitome of self expression for any fashionista. From the patterns, to the textures, to the layers, it's absolutely everything! Explore looks..



Nothing says spring and summer like the mix of colors with a touch of femininity. Explore looks.. 


There is fashion and then there is style. I say it's a great sense of style that transforms fashion into a moment. As fantastic as fashion is, I believe that nothing demonstrates the creativity of style more than taking a thrift or vintage find and flipping it into a fashion extravaganza!

While I love and enjoy all things fashion, I get super excited over scoring thrift and vintage finds that I get to make my own and style in a way that's fashion forward.  Here is where I get to showcase just a few of my favorite recent thrift and vitnage scores with these #thriftflips. Explore looks.. 


No outfit is complete without this important accessory - CONFIDENCE!

Discover some of the tools I've used to navigate life long before becoming an influencer.

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