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   Charlotte, NC


Hotel Pool
Hotel Pool


Jamaica is all the things!!! My husband and I had the most amazing time in Montego Bay, Jamaica, where we stayed at the Sandals Beach resort. Because we traveled there not long after covid had started to subside, things were certainly a bit sketchy but and however, after already having to put the trip off for a year due to covid we were not willing to wait any longer. So we went and enjoyed every single moment!


Our vacation experience covered it all from relaxation to adventure to even a little turn up!


The services received from every staff member encountered was superb, the restaurant selection and food choices were amazing, and the scenery was breathtaking!


In addition to staying at the fabulous Sandals couples' resort, we were also afforded the opportunity to venture off to surrounding areas to explore different excursions suitable for any and everyone. The excursions were all coordinated by the resort, by the way, and all we had to do is provide our schedule, pay for the excursions of choice and show up.

The caution, sanitation, and efficiency we were met with by Jamaica from the time of our arrival to the time of our departure, especially during the era of covid, are also  notable mentions.

Traveled April 2021

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My husband and I, desperate for a quick #vacaygetaway the earlier part of the year, stumbled across Myrtle Beach! 
Realizing that we live just hours away, we were game to take a #roadtrip and upon our arrival we were pleasantly surprised! I am deeming @myrtlebeach a hidden gem or at least that’s what it ended up being for us.
The idea of a vacation can look different for different people but for us we value a little bit of everything when we vacation - from relaxation to great food to activities & adventure to even a little turn up and Myrtle Beach did not disappoint.
The icing on the cake, especially in the midst of covid, was being able to travel within the states to an area close enough to allow for the necessity of social distancing permitted by a road trip.

Traveled Feb 2021

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