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   Charlotte, NC


Hello! I am the fashion and beauty creative that is She's Me And Her, a one woman band!  I am having the time of my life doing what I absolutely love and enjoy through the lens of an influencer and content creator. With an infinity for all things aesthetically fascinating, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty, it would be inevitable that I would end up in this space. What's just as fulfilling is being able to inspire and empower others through the content I create.

I still find myself in awe that I am even here when I think of what I was doing before now. Although blessed to be able to look back on a fairly successful career in medical training academia and corporate healthcare, there is nothing more fulfilling than finally transitioning from one space to a totally different one, especially when you didn't see how such a transition was possible.


The idea of content creating and influencing as an actual career was at one time non-existent and is still a fairly new phenomenon that is evolving. Now, I honestly can't imagine how any business seeking to promote a brand of any kind, can do it successfully without employing an influencer or content creator. 

A career in the fashion industry was one I only dared to dream of when considering the typical traditional go-to careers in the industry. More often than not such careers were only cornered by very specific types of individuals who usually didn't look like me. But look at God creating a lane where creatives like myself can show up.

While I am still figuring it all out, as I find myself more scattered than ever at times and nowhere near where I would like to be, the fact that I took the leap of faith brings about a level of self gratification that was only imaginable, all praises to God!


So about the name, She's Me And Her -- When the time came for me to decide on a brand name, I was reminded of Chaka Khan's song, "I'm Every Woman," which happens to be one of my favorite songs. The words and message alone gives me life and superwoman vibes.  Without using the literal name of the song, I knew I wanted to come up with a name that embodied the song, yet incapsulated women empowerment and sisterhood.


As women we are all so many different things that make us great individually but what's more is we are also able to identify similar greatness in one another. I believe greatness is that common thread that inspires us all.


Along with the song, "I'm Every Woman," as my initial point of reference for a name, I can vividly remember hearing the amazing songstress and reality TV star Tamar Braxton speaking on the reality show, The Braxtons', where she referred to herself as "she me her," in a sassy response during a conversation she was having with one of her sisters. When I heard this I thought, what a cute, catchy phrase! Well that phrase, just like the I'm Every Woman song, stayed with me and it would be what inspired the name She's Me And Her. 

What you can expect to see from She's Me And Her? Well, a bit of everything! I certainly do not discriminate when it comes to fashion - I like it all, all be it tasteful of course! From stylish classic timeless looks to some trendier fashion forward looks; a fashion obsessed style that also incorporates thrifted and vintage finds in a modern contemporary way. If it catches my eye and within the budget, count me in! This applies to beauty products and cosmetics as well.


I am also an explorer when it comes to venturing into different places and experiencing different foods and artistic culture!  If it is aesthetically pleasing and fulfilling in any way, I approach it like art and have plans to try to capture as much of it as I can and share it with you.

#faith #leapoffaith #careertransitions #fashion #fashionpassion

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